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API Documentation

We provide a very easy and friendly API, allowing you to download photos and videos

1: Photos

The expected API request must be a valid instagram photo url

The API accepts POST requests only with a single parameter, which is the full adress of the instagram photo.

The format is: http://ripgram.com/api/v1/photo/{param}
Example of a valid request, showing the param in the url, but keep in mind - The request needs to be POST, not GET:
Hitting a valid API endpoint with the proper params ( instagram photo ) as in the example, will never return JSON - the expected valid response have headers like:

Content disposition: attachment; filename={filename}.jpg

Content Type: image/jpeg

Content-Length: {image-size} (it varys depends on image quality

Cache Control: public

X-RateLimit-Limit: 60

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN


Hitting a valid endpoint with wrong parameter, will produce a JSON response with a status code 400

Example of hitting an endpoint with wrong parameter:


The expected result is json that looks like:

{ "status": "400", "response": "400 Bad Request", "errors": [ { "message": "Invalid Instagram Photo URL", "provided_photo": "wrongparam" } ], "data": [ { "photourl": "" }, [] ] }

The error message could be easily obtained from the [errors] message object, and the provided wrong photo is contained in the errors object via 'provided_photo'

The current endpoints are limited for 10 requests per minute and not for commercial usage. If you want to use our endpoints with no limitations - contact us.